Monday, July 18, 2011

Cricut Indie Art Cards

Cricut Indie Art Star Card

Here are a couple of cards I threw together for the end of the school year. I made the star card for my vice principal who is being transferred to another school. When I first started at the school where I work now, he was a grade 7 teacher and I taught French to his students. It was the first time ever that I enjoyed teaching French to an intermediate class and I truly believe it was because of him that it was such an enjoyable class. He really proved to be an excellent role model to me as a teacher and he later became our VP. He was a wonderful administrator and had developed an excellent rapport with our students and school community. He will be greatly missed but will always be a 'star' in my books!

Cricut Indie Art Star Card

This is the card I made for our principal. I chose the electric guitar on the Cricut Indie Art cartridge since he plays the guitar among other things. I used some textured card stock for parts of the piano. I like how these cards both turned out.
 Cricut Indie Art Electric Guitar Card

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