Monday, August 16, 2010

Music Themed Thank You Card

Just a quick little post today to share a simple Thank You card I made for a lovely and talented lady who joined our grade 8 graduating class during their ceremony and played guitar for our choir. She also has a wonderful singing voice which meant I could mouth the words and pretend I actually knew the songs! I found the sheet music image online somewhere and just printed it out for my background. The Thank You was cut from the Wild Card cartridge using the Dial Size feature at about 3" if I recall correctly. I used the same colour theme that I used for the graduation cards I made for my students and as soon as I find the pictures of those cards, I will share them on here as well. I really miss my Cricut and I'm hoping I can get back into my crafts very soon.  And I miss visiting your blogs for all the wonderful inspiration you have provided me over the past year and a half. Hope you're all doing well!


  1. Wow! you are talented! This looks great:)

  2. Thank you! This one was quite simple but I like how it turned out. Don't have much time these days to work on my crafts.


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