Friday, April 17, 2009

Some Bunny Loves You

So I'm a little late in posting this, yes. But I really did want to share this 12 x 12 card my daughter and I put together to give to my father-in-law. He's been in the hospital for a few weeks now and just started chemotherapy a few days ago. It's hard because now that he has no immune system, it's risky to bring the kids to see him as my daughter attends preschool and there is always some notice of an illness going around and I always fear that my daughter, who seems otherwise healthy aside from a minor cough, might unknowingly be carrying a bug. We did get to visit him earlier this week and he was beyond thrilled to see his first grandchild. He proudly pointed out the pictures of my kids on his locker and the Easter card we made for him which rested on his window sill. It was just after his first chemo treatment and aside from seeming a bit tired, he was in good spirits. And although he's since had a few rough nights battling high fevers, I'm still very hopeful and know that he is strong enough to handle the rough times ahead.


  1. Wow Diana you have made some gorgeous cards, and this one is just fabulous. Sorry to hear your FIL is having a rough time right now,hope he gets though it OK.
    Hugs T x

  2. So Sorry to hear about your FIL. Best Wishes to him and your family. Beautiful CArd. Love it.

  3. Really cute Diana! So sorry to hear about your father in law.
    I have something for you on my blog if you get time come and check it out!




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